Community Centric,
Defi Powered NFT Minting Dapp &
Marketplace Built On Binance Smartchain

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ART DECO is an Elon Musk inspired Defi Platform that embodies NFT Minting Dapp For Digital Creators To Mint Their Works as NFTs and also A Marketplace for NFTs where creators can earn money as they list their collectibles on our Decentralized Platfrom built on the Binance Smart Chain.

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What Makes Our Platform Different?

defi meets gaming

Built For Digital Creators

The Artdeco Platform will bridge the Gap between Traditional Art Creators and Blockchain Technology

defi meets gaming

Ease Of Use

Artdeco Platform will be open and easy to use, even for a newbie

defi meets gaming

Optimised For Scalability And Transparency

Powered By Our Utility Token ARTDECO Built On The Binance Smartchain Chain Known For Fast Transaction Speed and Low Fees

defi meets gaming

Friendly User Interface

Platform Designed With Simplicity and Security in mind to solve real use cases

New Features Coming Soon

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A Decentralised Automated Market Making Exchange designed to provide easy exchange between any currencies

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Stake & Earn

A Staking protocol where users can stake their assets and earn rewards whilst not missing out on the potential upside of their assets


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Q1 2021

NFT Market Research & Project Conception

Website Development & Communication Channels Setup

Project Concept Finalized & Whitepaper Creation

Q2 2021

Smart Contract Creation (BEP20)

ArtDeco Airdrop & ANN On Bitcointalk

Public Sale On Bounce Finance

UX Development

ARTDECO MVP launch! & Testing on Kovan Testnet🚀

ARTDECO Staking, Liquidity Mining Program launch!

DEX Listing

ArtDeco Community building

Q3 2021

Coin Gecko & Coinmarketcap Listing

Strategic partnerships with popular Creators and leading ART brands.

ARTDECO mainnet launch!🚀

CEX(Centralized Exchange) listing

ARTDECO NFT Marketplace Public Beta Testing

Explore cross-chain solutions and Integration of NFTs outside of our ecosystem

Fractional ownership of NFTs

Q4 2021

Artdeco Launchpad🚀For Creators

To be announced

ARTDECO Usecases

defi meets gaming


ARTDECO Token holders will have the Ability to vote on governance, proposals and contests.

defi meets gaming

Marketplace Dividends

A Portion of platform fees will be distributed to ARTDECO stakers.

defi meets gaming

Liquidity Mining Rewards

ARTDECO will be used to reward liquidity providers on exchanges.

defi meets gaming

Exclusive NFT Drops

Stake ARTDECO for early access to exclusive NFT drops on our Platform

defi meets gaming

Higher Ranking

Stake ARTDECO to rank your NFT ART higher on our Smart Sorting Engine.

defi meets gaming

Advertisement Slots

ARTDECO will be used to bid on weekly auction of NFT advertisement slots on our Dapp

Token Distribution