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What makes ARTDECO different?

Ease Of Use, Friendly User Interface, Optimised For Scalability And Transparency, built for digital creators

Difference between airnfts, superrare, rarible, opensea and foundation

On A Mission To Bridge The Gap Between Traditional ART and Blockchain Technology

When Launched On The Mainnet, Our NFT platform will be highly user friendly making it easy for everyone to use

Ease of use:

Create your first NFT with few clicks of a button, set a price and start earning

ARTDECO Staking & Farming Rewards:

you can earn ARTDECO tokens by Farming ARTDECO, which will also make you eligible for exclusive nft drops

Personalised Profile:

Just like your regular social media, you can fill in your instagram, Twitter and medium profile to enable users interact with you


ARTDECO Cryptocurrency is unique and different from others because it incentivises Holding, The Longer You hold, the More ARTDECO you get as our Smart Contract Charges a 10 Percent Transaction Tax. 7% Redistributed to Holders, 3% Sent To The Address 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead Which Is A Burn Address. This means that as more transactions go on, the Total Supply Of ARTDECO keeps decreasing making the Value to slowly but surely go up.